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Night from October 1 rst to October 2nd 2010 In the night from friday october 1rst to saturday October 2nd Rockband Bizar will play 15 minutes from 1:45 am to 2:00 am. See the gig page of this site!

We help to break the Dutch record that now stands on 78 bands performing in 24 hours! For more information check this website!
August 28th, 2010 Rockband Bizar played at the streetfestival in Schiedam.
Check some videos here!
August 2010 Wanted: Rock singer/vocalist! Check it out (click here) !

We, Naeim (producer/bass), Arno (guitar) and Jeroen (Drums), need a semi-pro rock singer/vocalist!

Interested? Amused? More information? 
If so... just write an email to:  or

For more information check the
August 2010 Bizar welcomes:
- Naeim Meschian (alias Slap-maniac)

Naeim is a really natural talented bass player and a producer too. He produces mostly for famous Iranese singers. Bizar loves his slapping!

June 2010 Bizar is looking for:

A singer/performer
A melodic bass player

Bizar, with a new management, is looking for new musicians.
Interested? Amused? More information? 

If so... just write an email to: (Arno)
For more information check the
February 2010 Bizar welcomes:
- Jeroen Warmerdam (Drums)

After some auditions and a good vacation Bizar has found a very professional drummer (Jeroen Warmerdam).

Bizar is ready for some ACTION !

August 2009 Rockband Bizar is officially a registered trade mark. Check this link for more information.

New samples of music will soon appear on this site!
March / April 2009 Nick Felen and Shantie Mohan left Rockband Bizar to follow their own musical pathways. A month later Herman Ruijters left Rockband Bizar because he had the chance to teach.

June 2008 May 2008 auditions were held for a new line up! Bizar has found a new drummer and a new bassplayer!

We proudly present:
Drummer / Percussionist: 
Herman Ruijters
Bass player:
Nick Felen or check his myspace

We are still looking for a singer/songwriter!
Check this vacancy by clicking
this link
April 2008 Bizar is looking for:

A melodic singer/performer
A steady drummer
A melodic bass player

Bizar, with a new manager, is looking for new musicians.
Interested? Amused? More information? 

If so... just write an email to: (Arno)
For more information check the
October 5 th, 2007 Michel (bass) will play @ 23:00 with Elizium on October 12th in:
Soestdijksekade 345
2574 AL Den Haag
Telefoon  : 070-3 68 68 00
Fax          : 070-3 68 68 62

September 22th, 2007

Proudly we present the new Bizar formation with:

(click on the blue hyperlinks to view the biography)

Patrick Eissens         Lead Vocals (temp)
Arno van Heerde      Rhytmn & Solo guitar
Bram Gorel               Drums & Percussion (temp)
Michel van Beekum   Bass guitar


August 24th, 2007 Bizar welcomes temporarly:
- Michel van Beekum (bass)
- Patrick Eissens (lead vocal)

After some auditions and a good vacation Bizar has found a bassplayer (Michel van Beekum) and lead singer (Patrick Eissens). Michel van Beekum is as well the bassplayer of the famous metalband "Elizium" (check the link or check the Bizar links page). More details, like a biography of Michel and Patrick, will follow very soon.

Bizar is ready for some ACTION !
Our first official rehearsal will be on Thursday 30th of August!
Check our rehearsal dates here!

July 2007 Bizar is busy with auditions. From July 15th till August 15th Bizar will not have auditions due to a holiday.
June 2007 Bizar is busy with auditions.
May 20th, 2007 The newsletter "Rockband Bizar News Flash No. 7" has been send to our fans.
May 14th, 2007 Bizar is looking for:
A new singer/performer
A new bassplayer

Bizar gained a 4th place @ the semi finals of the Emergenza International festival. Great to play @ P60 in Amstelveen! After this success Stefan Kanters (Lead Vocals) and Joris Mulder (Bass) decided to go their own way. Bizar wishes them good luck! Thats why we are now looking for new good musicians. Check the links and apply if you are interested!
May 5th, 2007 NEW!! Check out Rockband Bizar on the internet:

Check out our new friends and updated links! Click here to go to

April 19th, 2007 After a short vacation the photos of March 21th, the semi finals of Emergenza, are uploaded to the photo section! Check it out! Bizar enjoyed playing @ P60 (Amstelveen)
March 14th, 2007 Promotion Poster for March 21th available (made by Stefan)!
Check/click this link
February  26th, 2007 The newsletter "Rockband Bizar News Flash No. 6" has been send to our fans.
February  24th, 2007 BIZAR GOES TO THE SEMI FINALS OF:

The fans and visitors who came to the Emergenza Festival in the Exit voted Bizar to the semi finals!
Thank you for voting! We are so happy!

Unbelievable after 1 month of intens rehearsing! More news will follow! We are partying now, excuse us ;-)

Check the photos! Click here to go directly to the photo area!

February  11th, 2007 News Flash No. 5 has been send!
January  21th, 2007 Bizar found some (maybe temporary) musicians to play @ Emergenza. At the moment Bizar consists of:
Stefan Kanters (Lead singer)
Arno van Heerde (Guitar)
Joris Mulder (Bass)
Bram Gorel (Drums)
January  01th, 2007 After some discussion about the future and gigs Bizar will not go on with Ferry and Marco.
December 25th, 2006 Check out our new news section!
Finally it's finished!
You can find at this section: our newsletters and (newspaper)articles concerning Bizar! Check this link!
December 17th, 2006 Bizar will play @ Emergenza International Festival! After an intake with a manager of the Benelux Bizar will play at Emergenza. For this gig we are looking for a substitute drummer due to vacation of our drummer! Write an email if you are interested to:

With 1 point difference Bizar became with 45 points 2nd in the Silverstone finals. The jury was impressed by our musicstyle and way of playing. Average we scored a 9 on each criterium (performance, instrument skills, music, covers, sound)! Go to the Publicty section to read the newspaper articles!
The 2nd place will be a performace @ a dragracing event in spring 2007 and a weekend arrangement for the band! Thx Silverstone for making this possible. Ranking for the Silverstone finals:

1) Luke & the Joke Jumpers (46 points, blues)
2) Bizar (45 points, rock)
3) Impuls

December 4th, 2006 Check our new multi media section!
Finally it's finished!
You can find at this section: videos, photos and mp3 from live gigs! Check this link!
December 3th, 2006 Bizar played on 3-pack, our first paid gig! It was great to play there. We loved it! Special thanks goes to Rockland Westland for organizing such concerts! That rocks dudes!

Bizar played some new songs for the first time:
1) All along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
2) Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam
3) Vigana - Bizar (new song)

Very soon some pictures, videos & mp3's will be added!

November 27th, 2006 Bizar on InfoThuis Text (see animation below)
November 23th, 2006 Westlandrockland announces 3-pack @ their site. Bizar will play December 2nd at 23:30 hr. on 3-pack, 's Gravenzande, Partycentre. Click on the "Upcoming Gigs" at the left site of this screen.

Click here to see the screen image of the Westland Rockland news section or go to the website of Westland Rockland!

November  12th, 2006 The newsletter no. 3 has been send to 330 fans or friends!
Not bad at all !

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November 9th, 2006 Bizar goes to the next round  (final) !

Bizar gains 2nd place @ Happy Jam, Silverstone.
That means we will enter the finals @ December 14th!

1) Suspicius Minds
2) Bizar
3) Furio

More information will be available soon!

October 26th, 2006 Bizar has been added as a new member of Westland Rockland. Check here!

Or click here to see the screen image of the Westland Rockland news section!

October 17th, 2006 Bizar has been added @ the reference list of Silverstone! Check this link (click here)!
October 15th, 2006 The newsletter no. 2 has been send to 336 fans or friends!
Not bad at all !

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October 5th, 2006 New photo shoot with Rosan Chinnoe has been planned on October 21 th!
October 01th, 2006 Bizar will play December 2th in Party- & Racket centre in 's Gravenzande. Check out 'Upcoming Gigs'. It will be our first payed gig!! Thx Westlandrock!
September 30th, 2006 Bizar will join a bandcontest @ Silverstone Karting Centre in Zwanenburg
September 21th, 2006 WELCOME TO   MARCO DE GROOT!

After a period of auditions for a new drummer we happily announce that:

Marco de Groot is our new drummer!

After the audition Stefan, Arno and Ferry had the right feeling about Marco. Not only his personalty fits the band but his drumming skills were impressive.

Stefan said:"I only gave an ryhtmn example by means of my hands and feet and he played it right away".
Arno said:"When we played rearviewmirror and Morass you felt the energy like on stage".
Ferry said:"Although you had to look under the cymbals because of the big drumkit we grooved and were looking at each other at the same time"

More news like a biography of Marco, a bandphoto and coming concerts will be presented very soon !

We are Rockband Bizar: Marco, Stefan, Arno and Ferry. Check the band biography soon!


TOO BIZAR... will be probarly the new band name. Written like 2B-ZAR!
We want 2 B  BIZAR!  We are: Stefan Kanters (lead vocal), Ferry Westdijk (bass) and Arno van Heerde (guitar).

June 07th, 2006 Bizar has written a new song and is busy with covering Rearview Mirror from Pearl Jam !

Let's Rock Dudes !

Nieuws  (Original link; click here; See "News"-section)

Verslag van Monsterpop 2006


Bizar heeft de eer het toernooi te openen. Als intro speelt de gitarist voor de gelegenheid het deuntje van het Wilhelmus. Bij de eerste band valt op dat de gitarist en de bassist de show stelen. Dit is het eerste optreden in deze formatie, maar vast niet hun eerste optreden. En wat betreft de jury ook niet hun laatste: uiteindelijk vallen ze met een vierde plek net buiten de prijzen. Vaak is het nog niet zo druk aan het begin van een dergelijke dag/avond, maar na verloop van het eerste optreden is Bondi Beach als zo goed als gevuld.


May 07th, 2006 A photobook has been added. You can see the album by going to the section "Multimedia" and choose at the left menu "Photo Gallery". Or just click here to go directly to the photobook !
April 30th, 2006 BIZAR GAINS 4th PLACE
at Monsterpop from 10 bands in the final!

Our first gig @ Monsterpop was a great success. The jury liked our orginal performance and judge us as a band with a great potential and good sound. We would like to thank Monsterpop to give beginning bands a change to perform. Thank you for the good quality feedback; we will work on some issues. Our marks were sky-high! Hope to see you "Next Time" !!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Holland!!


April 29th, 2006 17:00 WOW ! We really liked Monsterpop 2006. Special thanks to the crew to play on our own equipment. Good sound. Thanks to the public who cheered and supported us. Hope to see you Next Time! We will now wait for the contest results! If you want to buy a DEMO CD, just give an email to,


April 17th, 2006 HOT NEWS !!  Bizar is the opening act of Monsterpop 2006. Be there at 13:00 !! Further news will follow !
April 11th, 2006 DEMO CD "it's so Bizar"  ready!

You can order the CD by going to the "Contact"-section. Send an email with Name, Address and phone number. We will send the CD as soon as possible. The price will be 5 euro excluding shipping/sending costs !! 

Want to listen to samples??  CLICK  HERE !!

April 1st, 2006 Photosession has been done with Rosan Chinnoe (photographer) to shoot photos for the website and promotion stuff. It was really nice to work with Rosan. He is really creative. Thanks !
March 31th, 2006 The Demo CD "It's so Bizar" has been deliverd to AK Media for production/copying. Offical Buma Stemra rights are on this demo CD. In about 1,5 weeks the Demo CD will be ready. The price will be 5 euro.
March 26th, 2006 Some fixes has been made to the endmix of the Demo CD. Some errors has been fixed and some soundeffects are corrected. It took about 5 hours to complete this job! 
March 19th, 2006 Stefan prepares the coverdesign of the Demo CD for printing/production.
March 14th, 2006 Rockband Bizar sends Demo to Waterproof (contest to play eventually at Waterpop in the city Wateringen)
March 14th, 2006 Rehearsal cancelled due to a lack of sleep     haha !
March 13th/14th, 2006 The endmix for the Live Demo is ready after a night work by Ferry, Arno and Stefan. Special Thx to Ferry ! The Demo CD contains:

(1) Morass
(2) Tell me Baby
(3) Next Time

It will cost 5 euro (not included sending/shipping costs).

March 12th, 2006 Guitarsolo recorded (and written) for the song Morass.
March 8 and 10th, 2006 After serious recording sessions, sometimes till late in the night, Bizar recorded 3 songs for the Demo CD.
March 4th, 2006

Bizar is recording a demo CD with 4 songs.The demo CD with title "It's so Bizar" will contain the songs "Moreass", "Too much", "Tell me Baby" and "Next Time". Next recording sessions will be at Wednesday March 8th and Friday March 10th.

March 1st, 2006 Bizar enters their own rehearsal studio.
February 15th, 2006 Bizar plays 8 songs from the setlist! Latest song called "Gone"
January 20th, 2006 Bizar plays now 7 songs from the setlist ! New songs added to the setlist with songtitles "Morass" and "Not Amused". Backing vocals are entering.
January 1st, 2006 Rockband Bizar wishes everyone "Happy New Year !!"
December 16th, 2005 Ruud announces that Bizar has his own rehearsal studio in about 2 months. It is located near "Hazerswoude" city !
December 12th, 2005 No5 (see Music/Downloads) gets a songtext and new song structure. Bizar plays now 5 songs from the setlist !
November, 2005 Ferry (bass) joins the band
September, 2005 After several auditions; Stefan (vocals) joins Bizar
January, 2005 Ruud (Drums) and Arno (Guitar) formed the Rockband "Bizar" after leaving the band "Quest" (now called "Speedchaser")



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